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Platform: WordPress | Languages: HTML, CSS, JQuery, PHP | Plugins: Isotope

The Birmingham Centre For Media & Cultural Research is made up of several research teams carrying out collaborative work aross a range of cultural interests. They required a new website that amalgamated the existing websites for these teams and acted as a hub for the research centre itself.

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The treatment of the main site was to make the central hub focussed on the researchers - the people behind the centre - and offer them an attractive profile page that brings in all of their work across the teams.

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Complementary themes were created for the individual sites to give them their own personality, as well as holding together a coherent design style throughout.

Interactive Cultures screenshot CECP.org screenshot Screen Cultures screenshot

The sites are responsive, built on WordPress using custom MySQL queries, and the Isotope JQuery plugin was used to handle sorting and filtering.

Edition Records

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Platform: WordPress | Languages: HTML, CSS, JQuery, PHP

Edition Records is one of the leading Jazz record labels in Europe.

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The label has access to a very large range of high quality photography, so the design of the site is geared towards showing off this fantastic imagery.

Artist example screenshot Release example screenshot

The client needed distinct areas of the site for their artists and releases, as well as more standard features such as news updates and static pages. The site needed to be responsive and several third party services, such as Bandcamp, Flickr and Soundcloud also needed to be integrated.

Video modal screenshot

In response to these requirements the site was built on WordPress, using a wide range of Custom Post Types and Custom Fields in order to make updating and managing the site extremely easy for the client.


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Platform: WordPress | Languages: HTML, CSS, JQuery, Javascript, PHP | Plugins: LiquidSlider

Uberbooths provide bespoke photobooths for a variety of events across the whole of the UK.

Uberbooths main screenshot

The client had access to some excellent imagery for the website, so a large featured image was utilised on each page, and a full width content slider welcomes visitors to the front page of the website.

Uberbooths page screenshot

One of the main features of the site allows users to design their own custom booth and get an instant quote. This was achieved using Javascript, JQuery and a PHP mail form.

Uberbooths Design Your Booth screenshot

The site is responsive and built on WordPress

Tim Garland

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Platform: WordPress | Languages: HTML, CSS, JQuery, PHP | Plugins: LiquidSlider

Tim Garland is one of Edition Records' main artists and the label required a new website to coincide with the launch of Tim's new album.

Tim Garland screenshot

Due to the nature of Tim's long, successful and varied career the website needed to showcase several different areas in which Tim works.

Tim Garland screenshot

The site is built on WordPress and the responsive design reflects the artwork from Tim's latest album. Several third party services needed to be integrated, such as YouTube, SoundCloud and Songkick

Tim Garland screenshot

The entire site is navigated through utilising LiquidSlider acting as a full page content slider, which provides an interesting and unique user experience.

Soundcloud Data

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Platform: Static | Languages: HTML, CSS, JQuery, JSON, API | Plugins: SoundCloud API JQuery Plugin, Isotope

Built as an exercise in learning how to utilise Web APIs, my SoundCloud Data Visualiser allows users to log in with their SoundCloud account and view their stats for Plays, Downloads and Favourites

The stats can be sorted using the Isotope plugin, and the relative size of the bars can be adjusted to suit the user's taste

If you don't have a SoundCloud account, you can view a basic version of the visualiser on my CodePen account